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TEIQue Personal/Counselling

This report has been designed for the holistic and comprehensive analysis of trait emotional intelligence (trait EI). It is best suited to be used by individuals who seek to understand themselves better, or provide supporting material for a counsellor when working with the individual.

TEIQue Full Form Personal/Counselling

TEIQue Short Form Personal/Counselling

TEIQue Corporate

This report covers exactly the same ground as the Personal/Counselling report using, however, language that is less direct, less personal, and with illustrations exclusively from the workplace in order to achieve the desired professional and business-like tone.

TEIQue Full Form Corporate

TEIQue Short Form Corporate

TEIQue Leadership

This report has been expressly written for managers, executives, and leaders, as well as anyone aspiring to such positions. It aims to help the individual understand how their personality can aid or obstruct their efforts to become a true leader, as distinct from someone merely occupying a management or leadership position.

TEIQue Full Form Leadership

TEIQue Recruitment

This report is intended for hiring, selection, recruitment, and triaging purposes. It has been written from the perspective of HR specialists and recruiting organizations (recruiters), rather than that of respondents (candidates). The report is to be used by experienced HR consultants with prior knowledge and understanding of the TEIQue. To facilitate high-volume applications, it presents a very brief summary of candidate’s TEIQue scores.

TEIQue Full Form Recruitment

TEIQue Developmental

The TEIQue Developmental reports focus on strategies, tips, and detailed SWOT profile analyses for rapid and effective personality management and development. It is an essential tool for anyone wishing to start harnessing the tremendous (but typically latent or misused) power of their personality.

TEIQue Full Form Developmental