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London Psychometric Laboratory Ltd. is a commercial distributor of practical, scientific and educational solutions based on the work of Professor K.V. Petrides Scientific psychometric solutions for personal, business and academic challenges. We identify and help you manage your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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“Your perceptions create your reality and your self-perceptions create yourself.” - K.V. Petrides

Scientific psychometric solutions for business, career, personal, and academic challenges. We identify and help you manage strengths vs weaknesses and opportunities vs threats in yourself and in your environment.

We are excited to present a brand-new platform for administering state-of-the-art psychometric instruments based on the pioneering work of Professor K. V. Petrides in a wide range of contexts, cultures, and environments. Advanced solutions for businesses, educational and medical institutions, governments and NGOs, private practices, and individuals. Typical domains of application internationally include screening, selection, and recruitment, staff upgrading, coaching, mental wellness, and teamwork.

Simple and easy designs to manage applicants and sub-managers, track spending, customise tools, and integrate your own branding are only some of the features that we are proud to have made accessible in our platform. Visit our store for direct purchases or email us at support@teique.com for more information and quotes.

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The new platform!

15 September 2023

Development Progress (Weeks 5&6)

7 May 2022

Development Progress (Week 4)

23 April 2022

Development Progress (Week 3)

16 April 2022

Development Progress (Week 2)

9 April 2022

Development Progress (Week 1)

2 April 2022

Trait emotional intelligence and leadership

10 January 2022

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