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Harness the Power of Your Personality with the TEIQue
  • Real-life Experience, Real-World Action, Personal growth, and Self-Knowledge available at your fingertips!
  • Uncover the Secret Layers of Your Personality!
  • Global Presence for well over 20 years!
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Open up your Understanding of the Mind!

Accelerated expert training in personality, psychology, intelligence - discover the hidden facts behind emotions and human experience!

Discover a Whole New World of Psychological Technologies and Inner R&D!
Proven Methods – Demonstrable Results!
Regain Your Independence and Autonomy
Help Yourself and Help Others
New Life, New Possibilities, New Relationships, and a Whole New Vocabulary to Boot!
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TEIQue Accreditation Course
an array of deep knowledge and skills required for evidence-based applications of Trait Emotional Intelligence theory and the TEIQue across multiple contexts, industries, and sectors.
yourself with top-end psychological training and insights that will not simply allow you to work more effectively with the expanding suite of TEIQue materials, but will boost your capacity for self-awareness as well as your ability to raise it in others
recommended for completion ≈ 2-3 days
Exclusive audience
Interactive Live Training Program

A live training program, tailor-made to get you the results you want. Delivered live online by Professor K. V. Petrides or by associates as per your requirements.

Discover deeper aspects and mechanisms of emotional functioning with applications in the areas of communication, concentration, decision-making, management & leadership, mind science, persuasion, sales, whole-life performance, and many others.

Supreme Psychology for Awareness, Performance, and Self-Knowledge! Languages: English, Greek, Russian + also available with translation.

Webinars, Lectures, Presentations
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