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TEIQue Yourself
The TEIQue questionnaire is based on Professor K. V. Petrides' world-leading research program on
Trait Emotional Intelligence
The TEIQue report will help you understand your personality and put you on the way to achieving your maximum potential in all areas of your life
Understand your emotions
Overcome challenges through psychological growth
Manage the strengths and weaknesses of your personality
Develop psychological resilience
Create healthy and meaningful relationships
Build a solid foundation for overall success
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The leading scientific assessment of emotional intelligence by
K. V. Petrides, PhD
  • The TEIQue has been globally used in commercial and scientific contexts for over 20 years
  • Now it is available to you with a brand-new set of reports, incorporating the latest research and deepest insights
  • Release the power of your personality now!

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20 fundamental aspects of your emotional world
Yourself through the understanding of your personality
153 questions
about 20 minutes
Not enough time for the full form?
Try the TEIQue-Short Form!
5 fundamental aspects of your emotional world
Yourself through basic insights into your personality
30 questions
about 5 minutes
TEIQue Business
The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is being used by businesses – large and small – all over the world.
Example areas
of application include benchmarking, decision-making, engagement, leadership and management, recruitment, and selection and development.
The TEIQue
is a unique suite of psychometric tools and psychological training programs that can help not only save you time and money, but in fact make you time and money. More important even, it can help you gain an all-round understanding of your business and broader context in which it operates, along with threats and opportunities of which you are currently unaware.
In business environments
TEIQue products enable and facilitate courage, creativity, general awareness, inclusion, industriousness, resilience, and teamwork, among multiple other benefits.
TEIQue products
are not addressed exclusively to HR professionals, but personally to each individual, irrespective of their organizational role.
TEIQue Licensing
For licensing and distribution queries, email admin@teique.com. Please provide information about your company, including a website.
How it works
By request and collaboration
Our company can provide a full range of services to support the suite of TEIQue measures and products: books and manuals, diagnostic tools, phone apps, psychometric tests, training websites, employee development workshops, staff upgrading, leadership and motivation programs, etc.
Our psychometric engines
can run independently or be seamlessly integrated with external systems.
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Introduction to Trait Emotional Intelligence video lesson by Prof. K. V. Petrides
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