The TEIQue questionnaire is based on Professor K. V. Petrides' world-leading research program on
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The TEIQue report will help you understand your personality and put you on the way to achieving your maximum potential in all areas of your life
The leading scientific assessment of Emotional Intelligence by K. V. Petrides, PhD
Reliable and valid
  • The TEIQue is the most extensively validated EI measure in the scientific literature and one of the most widely used psychological assessments in the world today

  • It has been used in constant commercial and scientific use for over 20 years.
Full-spectrum support
  • Our company can provide a full range of services to support the suite of TEIQue measures and products: books and manuals, diagnostic tools, phone apps, psychometric tests, training websites, employee development workshops, staff upgrading, leadership and motivation programs, etc.
Research and development
  • One of very few global instruments that is still under the control of its original developer and constantly updated with new scientific research and discoveries.
Fully automated systems
  • Our psychometric engines are embedded within fully automated administration systems that run independently, but can also be licensed for integration into external systems.
B2B and B2C accessibility
  • Buy the TEIQue directly from our website for yourself, friends, or family.

  • For 20+ assessments, we offer access to a powerful account management system that can be used to organize the administration of assessments in your team, staff, or company.
Personal and professional growth
  • The TEIQue will help improve your productivity and efficiency at work.

  • The TEIQue will help you build better relationships personal and professional.

  • Most important, in all assessment contexts, the TEIQue will open possibilities for personal growth.
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