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We’re happy to offer the opportunity for you to receive some free materials from the Laboratory, so you can get a taste of the true power of psychometrics that is available at your fingertips. The quality of the offered products is no less than their premium counterparts, the major difference is the length and depth of the feedback provided. The only requirements for you to receive the free services is to register with us and subscribe to our mailing list. No strings attached.

TEIQue Personal short form

Use this free instrument to receive feedback on your general emotional state. Complete the questionnaire and receive the report.

Try the TEIQue Personal Short Form

TraitEI Workbook

Unsure what the TraitEI theory is or does? Please feel free to use this workbook to get a general understanding of how the theory functions and what it can offer to you. Begin asking the right questions that will put you on the path of self-knowledge.

Download the TEIQue Workbook