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Scan-In™ is a profound psychometric instrument based on Professor K. V. Petrides’ Belief-Importance (Belimp) theory – now commercialized as Scan-In™. Much like a body imaging technique, it provides a scan of the conscious part of the mind that can be used for diagnostic, treatment, and coaching purposes.

Scan-In™ covers 17 domains of distinct life experience (family, finance, health, parenting, work, success, etc.). Its correct application can help to dissolve psychological barriers as well as to unlock major energy reserves in the personality. Strongly recommended for every adult who is even vaguely interested in the understanding and training of their mind.

Sample source publication: Petrides, K. V. (2011). A general mechanism for linking personality traits to affect, motivation, and action. New Ideas in Psychology, 29(2), 64-71.