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Development Progress (Week 3)

Hello Friends,

This was a week of lots of development and big progress. We’ve pushed ourselves to cover as much ground as possible, while you are on holidays

The results of this effort were very pleasing with several projects in their final stages of testing or already uploaded onto the live website. The rest will be updated out over the coming week, and we hope that you will enjoy them.

-Introduced a few minor updates to the video player for courses and lectures. Now it bears our company’s colors and automatically unlocks any videos that do not require quizzes.

-Redesigned the notification system and fixed a few bugs with candidate addition in the managing account with an overall improvement in performance.

-All reports have now been transferred over to the new generation system and so benefit for a spruced-up look and other improvements in file size and download speed. Check them out at ( https://teique.com/product/index)!

-Fixed the minor problem with the log-out button not displaying properly.

-Added a direct download function for completed reports to save from having to use the print function and then “save as pdf”.

-Fixed report generation bugs in the mobile phone environment AND redesigned the mobile version of the store!

-Reworked our SEO, so now it’s even easier to find us on the web. Help us spread the word of Total Life Transformation!

-Reworked the naming protocol for downloaded reports. They now appear as “Name/Form/Type and Date DD/MM/YYYY” , rather than the generic “TEIQue Analysis”

-Added an auto-reply to the “request access” function on the store. Now you’ll know that your request is pending and will be answered soon.

-Added graphics localization for our translated reports. Now when you change language, the diagrams will also switch!

-Reworked and upgraded aspects of the business account for ease of use.

-Added the ability to register and automatically sign up for our monthly newsletter.

-Scan-In™ is being finalized and released, feel free to check out our store next week. This is based on Konstantin’s Belief-Importance (Belimp) theory and comes with a free explanatory lecture. Check it out at https://teique.com/product/view?id=32

-Added automated invoicing and receipt functions for shop purchases. These cover both personal and business purchases.

*** We are the number ONE independent ECOSYSTEM for scientific psychological assessment and TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION in the world today ***

Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter!

Kind regards,

The TEIQue Team

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