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Development Progress (Week 2)

Hello friends!

Another week with us hard at work! We had a number of solid developments that I’m eager to share with you!

I would personally classify this progress as “reinforcement”, where we have secured ground after the roll-out of the major update to our report generation. Our key aim was to improve user experience on the platform and make services more accessible. To that end, we’ve introduced several improvements and changes to the structure of the website, as well as brand new reporting functionality. Design and IT capabilities are rapidly developing to the unparalleled scientific standards of our world-leading psychometric instruments! We really hope you will enjoy and appreciate these changes.

Please don’t forget that if you have any suggestions or queries, we are always available at support@teique.com

In addition:

-The shop page has seen a minor rework with the updating of the old menus. The new shop menu is the same as for the rest of the website. We’ve also added signifiers to show that shop pages are scrollable and have paths to a multitude of products.

-Added the Developmental reports to the shop selection as promised last week. The Developmental reports answer the question that arises following sight and explanation of one’s TEIQue profile: Now what? They are major, so do check them out at https://teique.com/product/view?id=6

-Introduced a number of changes to the front page navigation of the website as well as a brand new Apply our Suite page (https://teique.com/about/applysuite) with a description of our coaching management system.

-Conversion progress of old reports to the new generation, which as mentioned in the previous post (https://teique.com/news/development_progress), provides substantial advantages like improved graphics, more efficient calculations, reduced file size, and faster download time. We’re about 70% done with the total conversion, so you should expect full roll-out sometime in the next week or so.

-“Quality of life” improvements to the managing account. Added a purchase history and notification system. These offer more detailed reporting capabilities to the coach/manager about usage of our services, keeping better track of spending and a log of account actions to backtrack any problems that might arise. We’ve rolled these out in the first iteration, simply to deliver the functionality. Over the upcoming weeks, we’re going to be improving the look and feel of the functionality to bring it in-line with the rest of the platform.

-An automated invoicing system. From now on, website purchases no longer need to be invoiced by hand, as our automatic generation will make quick work of it for you!

-New localization updates for our products. Added a Spanish localization to the TEIQue Full Form Developmental Report and a Russian localization to the TEIQue Full Form Personal Report.

Overall, we’re quite happy with the pace this last week and hope to keep it up or even up the ante! We’re excited to share that we have major improvements and brand new functionality rollouts in store for the next few weeks!

We’re also working on brand new and cutting-edge psychometric products and services to offer. Anyway, more in the upcoming weeks!

*** We are the number ONE independent ECOSYSTEM for scientific psychological assessment and TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION in the world today ***

Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter!

Kind regards,

The TEIQue Team

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