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Encounter Your Personality

with TEIQue Personal/Counselling

The Trait Emotional intelligence Questionnaire is a profound psychometric tool that gives you a snapshot of your emotional world. Peer deep within and discover the true reasons for your actions and inactions, your successes and failures.

Optimize Your TraitEI

with TEIQue Developmental

Development of your trait emotional intelligence requires significant effort, as it requires multiple shifts in how you perceive and interact with reality. The TEIQue helps you work on your traits in the direction of your intentional choice. Align your perceptions of the world with who you currently are or aspire to be.

Become a conscious leader who is aware of his or her character strengths and weaknesses

with TEIQue leadership

True leadership allows you to take charge of your own self and make a significant impact on the world. There are so many different kinds of leadership training programs. Depending on your personal style and background, some training and development approaches will be effective, while others ineffective or even harmful. We help you comprehend your own particular needs and optimize your self-development efforts for maximum impact.

Extract full value out of the TEIQue – the leading psychometric assessment in the world today!

Book individual or group sessions with an accredited coach. Receive expert guidance to start seeing the big picture of your life in all its present dimensions.