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Explore Our Suite of Psychometric Instruments and Services

Use LPL instruments for staff recruitment, appraisal, retention, and development!

World-leading scientific instruments developed by Professor K. V. Petrides at the London Psychometric Laboratory.

Don’t settle for clapped-out “tools” without science, without bibliographies, without insight – with high business costs and low psychological value.

No more second-rate, rustled-up, run-of-the-mill “tests”, “assessments”, and “apps” developed by salesmen, computer programmers, and assorted non-psychometricians.

Use our powerful online platform to administer our suite of instruments to large groups quickly and easily. Just choose one of our instruments and contact us at admin@teique.com for a quote and support.

We can set up an account for you that will immediately grant you access to any or all our instruments with the huge wealth of insights and information that they deliver.

Large range of reports carefully designed to cover your organization’s as well as your candidates’ requirements.
Win-win assessments that respect both organizational needs as well as candidates’ time and their wish to discover more about themselves (as opposed to get casually pigeon-holed through invalid tests and algorithms).

Want to include your own questions along with the administration of LPL instruments (e.g., for benchmarking)? We got you covered for any combination you might require, and all the hard work is done for you!

We can also help you integrate or even license our instruments for direct use on your systems. Inject psychometric science into your suites and offerings!

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